25th Anniversary Countdown: 2009

On December 8, 2023, Digital Rain, llc goes Silver, celebrating 25 years in business. How did we get here? Since December 2022 we have been counting up each year.
2009 – This would be the first full year that Digital Rain would be full time employment for owner Rodney Myers. Many of the freelance opportunities he had already established continued and even expanded to more roles. Up to this point, most of Rodney’s experience was in the studio or the edit bay, but he was also a pretty videographer, using those skills more and more in 2009 with shooting segments for Indianapolis Public Schools.
Also in 2009, assistance in from his new partner, Kristen, increased, aiding with some of the office work that Rodney was not having time to spend doing.

Indianapolis Public Schools salaries: How much does Indianapolis Public ...






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