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Digital Rain Media was started in 1998 by lifelong storyteller Rodney Myers in Carmel, Indiana as Digital Rain Content Creation. December 2023 starts our 25th year in business and we have seen numerous changes. Digital Rain, llc moved to Indianapolis, then to Danville, Indiana in 2011. In 2015, after another change in location, and changes in Digital Marketing, the company settled in Stanly County, North Carolina as Digital Rain Media. As we moved toward our 25th Birthday, we evolved our focus to Content and Media Creation – from the written word to full blown video productions. We believe that every business must become a Media/Content Company in order to keep building their business and we are here to help small and medium sized business create and better use media and content.

Rodney Myers is a lifelong storyteller. He has been making up and telling stories since a very young age. He realized early on that stories get people interested and they remember the message. Rodney was lucky enough to go to a high school that had a television station in the mid 1980’s. That is where he decided his focus would be on telling stories through the use of video. He went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Broadcast Production from Vincennes University and Bachelor’s in Instructional Media Design from Indiana University. He was now armed with the knowledge to use video to entertain and educate.

Rodney put his knowledge and experience to work, building a career that would lead him to the NBC Affiliate in Indianapolis. From there, he got a job in local cable advertising that served cities across the Hoosier State. He settled in at the Indianapolis PBS Affiliate where he received numerous awards and nominations, became their first non-linear video editor, as well as serving as director for one of their biggest live audiences.

While at the PBS Station, Rodney also formed Digital Rain, llc. initially began in 1998 as a content creation company, the focus was on online video. This was a full 7 years before YouTube was launched. Digital Rain has grown up with Digital Marketing and Digital Content.

In 2008, Rodney left the PBS Station and full time employment. While working at the station, other freelance production workers saw what he could do and offered him gigs they couldn’t cover. Finally, this freelance business built into enough that the full time job was getting in the way. Some of those clients included Cummins Engines (Director, Editor, Producer), Indianapolis Public Schools (Videographer, Director, Camera Operator) and Lousiville Slugger (Scriptwriter, Producer, Editor).

Rodney has always focused Digital Rain as a media and content company that brings high quality to smaller and medium sized businesses. Our focus is also on our local community with businesses in Stanly, Cabarrus, Montgomery and Rowan Counties in North Carolina. Digital Rain is a Google Ad Certified Provider and Rodney is a graduate of Leadership Stanly County.

Along side Rodney you might find his partner, Kristen, also know as Kasey. She joined Digital Rain in 2011 with the move to Danville, Indiana. More often a muse for Rodney’s ideas, she also brings a wealth of knowledge with her from a community and legal background.

When not creating content, you might find both Rodney and Kasey out on a back country road riding on two wheels. Rodney has ridden motorcycles since he was five, and while Kasey has only been riding the last 15 year with him, that short experience has seen several states and tens of thousands of miles. The couple also enjoys just about any outdoor activity, including camping, kayaking, and hiking. This adventurous spirit lead them to take a year off and live in Costa Rica.




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