25th Anniversary Countdown: 2017

On December 8, 2023, Digital Rain, llc goes Silver, celebrating 25 years in business. How did we get here? Since December 2022 we have been counting up each year.

2017 was a year that saw things continue for Digital Rain Media. It was still a mix of many different projects from both North Carolina and Indiana as well as expanding on projects outside of video production. 

Writing about something else he knows about, riding a motorcycle, Rodney became a regular contributor to Southeastern Rider Magazine. Later, the publication would change its name to North American Rider, allowing Rodney to expand on the rides he had taken across the United States. It was also time for a brand and so the articles adopted the working title of his book about motorcycles rides – “Life in Motion”. Always changing as you compose something like a book, the title moved through “Joy is in Every Journey” to simply, “Enjoy the Ride”.







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