25th Anniversary Countdown: 2019

On December 8, 2023, Digital Rain, llc goes Silver, celebrating 25 years in business. How did we get here? Since December 2022 we have been counting up each year.

2019 was a year that rushed by. Shopping for a new home proved more troublesome with the tight market in Stanly County. We also had a graduation to celebrate. Finally, in August, Digital Rain Media as well as the family, moved into a new home in the Badin/New London Area of North Carolina.

Before moving, Digital Rain Media was looking for a foundation business, an area to focus on that would bring regular work, but also could weather any potential economic downturn. Marketing and advertising, as wells as video, is not always the hot market when the economy turns south. It had been pumping along for a while, so the cycle was coming due. Legal Video was the answer, and Digital Rain Partnered with local groups to get the job done.







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