25th Anniversary Countdown: 2008

On December 8, 2023, Digital Rain, llc goes Silver, celebrating 25 years in business. How did we get here? Since December 2022 we have been counting up each year.
2008 – It is hard to believe we are in May already! Digital Rain celebrates a decade of being a business. It is marked with a very big move. As the month of April comes to an end, so does Rodney’s tenure at the Indianapolis Public Broadcast Station. After three years of planning, Digital Rain would be his full time job and income. Why April? Rodney finished out the season of “Indiana Lawmakers” a show he had been directing and editing for years at the station and was essentially an un-credited producer.

The remainder of 2008 would be fill with more opportunities that would expand on the freelance work he was already performing.

May be an image of standing, screen, camera and text that says 'Digital Rain, Ic'





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