25th Anniversary Countdown: 2003

On December 8, 2023, Digital Rain, llc goes Silver, celebrating 25 years in business. How did we get here? Since December 2022 we have been counting up each year.
This time we are looking at our 5th year in business, 2003. The regular business is going well, and increasing. Owner Rodney Myers begins freelancing for Diesel Engine Maker Cummins, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana. Using his directing skill, Rodney took over for Bill Fike (at the mike) calling the shots for the companies world wide broadcasts. That would lead into editing and videographer jobs that would last until we re-located in North Carolina.

Other projects also were being developed. In partnership with other Indy Freelancers, a program to celebrate the local music scene of the Hoosier, “In Tune” began, and even got as far as a pilot, shot in Bloomington.

Cummins Logo - Significado, História e PNG






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