91% of Businesses are using VIDEO as a marketing tool, according to (Wyzowl)
YouTube has over 2 Billion Actively Engaged Logins every month (DemandSage)
 YouTube is the Second-Most Popular Search Engine (Oberlo)

So why isn’t YOUR BUSINESS on YouTube?
     As you can see from above, YouTube is the second most searched engine, and nine out of ten businesses use video as a marketing tool.
     We get it, creating video can be challenging, take time and money.
     That’s what Digital Rain Media is here for. We do the work of Producing your Video, Creating your YouTube Channel, Uploading, and even   creating a YouTube Advertising Campaign. We have been creating videos and putting them online for 25 years, even longer than YouTube!
     We will take YOUR IDEA and get it TO YOUTUBE! Don’t know where to start? We can help with coming up with an idea, too!

95% (of businesses) say video increases their Brand Awareness (Wyzowl)
YouTube Users consume 1 Billion hours of videos every day (DemandSage)

Why YouTube? Why Video?
     YouTube Ads can be targeted to people’s interest and intentions (VideoMarketingInsider)
     Video in Engaging, almost as much as meeting in person. Emotion and Intent can be expressed through Video
     Video can increase Brand Awareness by grabbing Attention, making a Connection, being Socially Shared
     YouTube Lead Rate can be as high as 22%, Conversion Rate is 3%

Isn’t Getting a Video Produced Really Expensive?
     Most videos for advertising on YouTube are 30 seconds or less. For the majority of Digital Rain Media customers in Stanly County, we can craft your video for less than a thousand dollars. (Longer videos, videos to be captured outside of Stanly County, and Advertising Campaigns are additional costs)
     Since Digital Rain Media has over a quarter century of experience, we also won’t take a lot of your time. We can get all we need to create an attention grabbing, engaging video for your company in less than five hours of your time.
     Keep in Mind, YouTube has the highest Return on Investment of any Social Media Platform, 35% (VideoMarketingInsider)

Ideas we have taken to YouTube

Here are a couple of videos where we have taken a client’s idea, produced the video with them, uploaded the video to YouTube and got them views!

Lindy Sellers, Esthetician

Lindy’s idea was a video to show off all the services she provides to make you as beautiful as you are!!

Jeremy Page, Realtor


Realtor Jeremy Page had the idea of taming the wilds of buying or selling house by having him, as the Real Estate Adventure Guide, bring your deal to a successful closing.

Get Your Idea to YouTube!!

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