We begin creating content by looking to the elements of media. We believe in an Audience First (AF) Approach. We want to know our target, your customer, your student, your employee. The next elements follow who consumers will buy from, and that doesn’t matter if it is a product, service or lesson. We all buy from those we Know (KN), Like (LI) and Trust (TR). We believe in figuring out who you want to inform and building a relationship with them.

Digital Rain Media can Create Content (CR) from the written word, such as Copywriting (CW), Blog Writing (BW) to writing for Social Media (SM) and Websites to full blown video productions and everything in between including Podcasts (PO), Articles (AR) and Animated Messages (AM).

If you already have content that is not getting the job done, then let us do some Content Consulting (CO). We can review what you have written to make sure you have followed the ABCD’s of content and improve organic search with more Keywords (KW) in your media. We also have an offering called U-Shoot, We-Edit (UI). We will take footage you have captured, help you to capture your own footage, and then do all the editing and prepping for online use.

Lots of times you get great content, or write great content yourself, but it is still not effective. You need Content Coaching on how to better present your media. This could be in a Networking (NT) situation with your Elevator Pitch (EP) or just in-person (IP) or On-Camera presentation (OC). If you want to do some of your content yourself, we can coach and provide tips to make it more effective.


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